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The call for nominations for the 2013 Heritage Preservation Awards is now open. The public is asked to nominate individuals, organizations or corporations according to the criteria below.

Call for Nominations

The Heritage Preservation Awards recognize those who have contributed to preserving, celebrating or promoting Johnstown's heritage.

Critieria for award nominees are as follows:
  • May have made their contributions from any field, personally or professionally
  • May be well-known, or relatively unrecognized
  • Do not have to be a native or resident of Johnstown, but must have a clear relationship with its people and its past
  • Must be living; no awards will be given posthumously, except in rare exceptions as determined by the committee
  • May be individuals, corporations or organizations
A volunteer committee decides the award winners from the nominees submitted in the current year, as well as those submitted in previous years. Honorees must be present at the awards ceremony. 


Nominations should include:
  • A justification of why the nominee deserves recognition
  • An explanation of the nominator's relationship to the nominee, if any
  • The nominator's name and contact information
  • If the nominee is an organization, please include any available relevant information such as a website, founding date, mission, etc.
  • If available, please give resources where more can be learned about the nominee


Please mail your nomination(s) to:

Johnstown Area Heritage Association
Attn: Heritage Preservation Awards Committee
P.O. Box 1889
Johnstown, PA 15907