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Stay and Rebuild or Leave and Start Over?

Stayed in Johnstown

Name Occupation Address in 1896 Directory
Barbour, George Laborer Owns home 318 Second St.
Beck, Andrew Laborer Rents home 138 Gautier St.
Butler, Mary M   Home 610 Franklin St.
Eldridge, Edward Foreman Owns home Von Lunen St.
Evans, Josiah T. Mine inspector Owns home 227 Vine St.
Fenn, Anna John Fenn, stoves* Store 230 and 232 Washington,
Home 244 Locust*
Fleming, J. Laborer* Rents home 210 Dibert St.
Hamilton, Ida NA Home 529 Thomas Ave.
Hart, Alexander N. Notary Public and pension agent Room 1 Moses Bldg., 213 Franklin St.
Rents home 247 Market St.
Lewis, William F. Draughtsman Home 506 Somerset St.
Mayhew, Edward Laborer* Laborer, rents home 116 Chapin St.
Gertrude Quinn father James Quinn ran Geis, Foster and Quinn, Dry Goods and Notions, on Clinton Corner of Jackson and Main
Ramsey, Charles C. Superintendent Rents home 426 Lincoln St.
Robb, Emma   Rents home 11 Dibert St.
Swank, Morrell Swank Hardware Comp. Rooms 441 Vine St.
Tice, W.B. Druggist 105 Clinton St.
Viering, Henry Furniture, undertaker 137 Clinton St., owns home 227 Main St.

Left Johnstown - not listed in 1896 directory

Name Occupation Where they went
Beale, Rev. Dr. David

Pastor, Presbyterian Church

After the Flood, he and Chapman were in charge of the morgues

Rev. Beale moved to a new church after a disagreement with the congregation over using the church as a morgue without consulting with the elders. He died in 1900.
Rev. H. L. Chapman

Minister, Methodist Church

After the Flood, he and Beale were in charge of the morgues

Left Johnstown several years after the Flood. Not listed in 1896 directory
Father Dr. Davin
Priest, Cambria City Catholic Church

Father Davin suffered a terrible kick in the side from a thief he tried to stop from robbing a body. He never fully recovered from his injury, though he continued to work, comforting people and turning the church into a morgue.

Friends and doctors to take a vacation to recover from his injury, but he steadily refused. In 1890 he finally tood a break to go to Denver, where he died. The last words he spoke on leaving were to his sister Stella:

“I am afraid I did not leave soon enough.”

Fenn, Anna Mrs. Fenn lost her husband, seven children, and home in the Flood. The child she was pregnant with during the Flood also died soon after birth. She remarried a Mr. Maxwell and moved to Richmond, Virginia, and apparently had no more children. She died in 1928, and was buried in Johnstown's Grandview Cemetery.
Heiser, Victor
Victor lost both his mother and father and their home and store in the Flood. At 16 he was "alone in the world" and left Johnstown to train as a doctor. He became famous for successfully treating leprosy. By the time he died in 1972, he had saved 2,000,000 people from leprosy!
Linton, John P.
  Not listed in 1896 directory
Poland, Dr. and Mrs. Samuel C.
Lost both sons and home in the Flood. Mrs. Poland taken to Philadelphia for treatment of her injured eyes. She wrote to Mrs. Beale: "We expect to locate in Philadelphia, where we shall make a new start in the world."
Gertrude Quinn Slattery Wrote a book for her children in 1936, Johnstown and its Flood. Quinns not listed in 1896 directory


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