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Secondary source: 1889 newspaper stories, songs

Fact or Fiction? "The Peerless Rider," Part 1

Compare the "Paul Revere of Johnstown" stories with the primary sources

Within a few days of the Flood a rumor started spreading through the press about a "Paul Revere of Johnstown," who rode down the valley on horseback warning people that the dam had broken anD "uo6;head for!tehy,ls.&quof;hAe c!p' Atxs eiSwion t/ tIe ver E(dl d/w_H.o n04he D|g>ll(raThb"t`d/T@w fof$g !`}3`}Sev!<{0yn~/. ! p>Tj(3$[r"Jf& ?@]l2kgu"yws0eSR,a\j Ovb te 5orld. Ni wme gg30rumuզ7^${V$(!-%(wcs(E nDlPi~`Nafhel Paryvon| /Z oedn%gD>"T(m hiXoBhrIHjg0k{Tl#t he$7qqsA|w~1R!af jsa6e,a real hur.&At least tWN^'jkumq `llg{DdxyM }i]k(axrefI"Vg/muSi;i~feh.,|}n>t4)Bsm23/fFSl Jtq(.fe!pb $%m-zo*m4of the Foo& supvawkrb mopm{eD$hhm _ls{,u(0loah odP{7e,K|^-'sDsridSqc 4`at the tiepeople oV g>{U/wnhad b%e.w@rnEddheF_b w1s`o-/n,uhey juqt)ecHda|`Ir@Rba&a.Re clsmband didn't take'*6tbJo 6um}o"feel!i$jveqlm BHq7(xou for thl %cd5`t YOtvqT$}oep hom% AN6#mHMiy? <-p7,0`(

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Poor, faithful rider, it was an unequal contest. Just as he turned to cross the railroad bridge the mighty wall fell upon him, and horse, rider and bridge all went out into chaos together.

A few feet further on several cars of the Pennsylvania Railroad train from Pittsburgh were caught up and hurried into the caldron, and the heart of the town was reached.

The hero had turned neither to right or left for himself, but rose on to death for his townsmen. He was overwhelmed by the current at the bridge and drowned. A party of searchers found the body of this man and his horse. He was still in the saddle. In a short time the man was identified as Daniel Periton, son of a merchant of Johnstown, a young man of remarkable courage. He is no longer the unknown hero, for the name of Daniel Periton will live in fame as long as the history of this calamity is remembered by the people of this country.

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