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Johnstown's Inclined Plane

After your Visit

Pondering the Possibilities (approx. time: 45 minutes to 1 hour)

Students of all ages can participate in parts of this activity, and they can do it as individuals or as cooperative groups.

Pondering the Possibilities provides more than 30 math problems that are all based on the numbers and data that can be located at the Inclined Plane. These math problems are of varying degrees of difficulty.

Events in Time (approx. time 45 minutes)

Among the data that students collected during the Rise to the Challenge activity were various important dates in the history of Johnstown and the Inclined Plane.   Teachers may chose the number of events to be included in this timeline activity, depending on the level of detail desired.  Students then sort through the data they collected during their visit to the Inclined Plane, and pull the necessary information.  After organizing the dates and data appropriately, students construct a detailed vertical timeline.  Student sheets are available to facilitate this activity.

Crunching the Numbers (approx. time: 45 minutes)

Crunching the Numbers is a joining of the Rise to the Challenge scavenger hunt and the Pondering the Possibilities activity.  Using the data collected during the visit to the Inclined Plane, students are asked to contruct and solve two original math problems of appropriate levels of difficulty, according to their age.  Student then exchange problems with other students to make sure the answers given are correct.   The student sheet is designed so the the answer portion of the problems may be folded behind the original unsolved problems.

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