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Johnstown's Inclined Plane

Downtown Walking Tour Image Gallery

View today's images compared to those of long ago.

A. Cambria Library (Now the Johnstown Flood Museum)

B. Cambria Iron Company general offices (Now the State Community Correction Center)
black and white photo of replaced railroad tracks and debris


C. Site of Locust Street Red Cross Hotel (Now St. Mark's Episcopal Church)
black and white photo of Red Cross hotel


D. Central Park

black and white photo of clean up workers and tents
E. First Methodist Episcopal Church (Now Franklin St. United Methodist Church)

F. St. John Gualbert Cathedral

G.  Ludwig-Gordon House

H. Bantley Building

I. Original Tribune building

J. Alma Hall

K. Presbyterian Church (facade visible inside 416 Main Street)

L. City Hall

M. Morley's Dog

N. William Horace Rose House (Now the Knights of Columbus)

O. The Point and Stone Bridge

P. Inclined Plane

black and white photo of Incline Plane, looking up from bottom of Yoder Hill


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