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Wagner-Ritter House

Frame two-story town house with stoop on sidewalk

The Wagner-Ritter House on Broad Street in Cambria City, Johnstown, PA.


Wagner-Ritter House & Garden

The House

Likely constructed in the 18602, the Wagner-Ritter house is a plank frame structure.  There are no studs as in a balloon frame house as is commonly constructe4d today.  Rather, the walls are constructed of plans which are nailed top and bottom to plates.  These plates are connected to the floor joists.  The front and back sides of the house are sided, covering the gaps between the planks.  On the sides of the house, where you can not see, a batten is used to cover the gaps in the planks.

As originally constructed, the house was four rooms, two down and two up.  It is believed that the house was originally sited in the middle of the yard and moved up to the front of the property in the 1870s when the one story kitched addtion was added on the length of the house.

Below are the floor plans for the Wagner-Ritter House.  Click on each room to read more indepth information.

                                                    1st Floor                                                                           2nd Floor


                               Kitchen         Parlor          1st Floor                       Anna's Bedroom      Bedroom 2      Museum Gallery

                                                                         Bedroom                                                                                     Space



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