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(Wonder)Women's Work: Real vs. Ideal

During the Visit

Materials List for this Lesson
Readings Activities Primary Sources
  • Wagner-Ritter Wanderings
  • Wagner-Ritter House permanent exhibits: The World of the Wagners, Cambria City

Wagner-Ritter Wanderings

The Wagner-Ritter House & Garden is the home of two permanent exhibits.  "The World of the Wagners" and an exhibit on the entirety of Cambria City are located in two different portions of the house.  As teachers take students through this museum location, a staff interpreter will provide additional information during the tour.

"Wagner-Ritter Wanderings" is designed to assist students in gathering information from all three sources found at this museum.  These questions require the students to read the wall plaques that are part of the two permanent exhibits, listen atentively to the staff interpreter, and observe the house and its contents carefully.

Teachers may choose to assign the entire list of questions, or break the questions up among groups of students.  An answer guide is provided for teachers.

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