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Wagner-Ritter House

The Wagner-Ritter House: 1st floor


The Kitchen

Furnished with original furniture from the house, the kitchen was the center of Fransiska's universe.  Here she did the washing and cooking for her family of nine.  Originally furnished with a dry sink, the Wagners later adapted the sink structure to a wet sink.  Like many of the houses in Cambria City, the Wagners had water service to the kitchen in the 1890s, but still used a privy in the backyard until the 1930s.  At that time, they converted a bedroom on the second floor into a bathroom.  The wallpaper used in this room is inspired by Charles Eastlate and the border selected by the Wagners and used in the restoration does not match.

Furnishings in this room include the kitchen table, corner cabinet, stove and dry sink.  The furniture is original to the house.  The stove is a later model coal stove and it will be replaced when a suitable period piece is found.



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