JAHA seeks input for new exhibit – “Johnstown: The Way We Work”

JAHA seeks input for new exhibit – “Johnstown: The Way We Work”

JAHA is planning a new temporary exhibit, “Johnstown: The Way We Work,” and is seeking public input at a workshop scheduled for Thurs., Jan. 24 at 7:00 pm at the Heritage Discovery Center.

“Johnstown’s work heritage is a significant part of our area’s identity,” said Andrew Lang, JAHA curator. “The exhibit will explore the history of work and workers in Johnstown, looking at prominent industries, economic change, and the memories of the workers themselves.”

The exhibit will utilize some of JAHA’s collection of tools of various trades and professions, as well as historic photography. Planning for the exhibit began last summer, and it is expected to open on the second floor of the Heritage Discovery Center in fall of 2019.

The workshop is the first of several planned efforts to solicit public input into the project.

“We hope anyone interested in this exhibit will come out and share their thoughts on it, and maybe even bring in artifacts,” Lang said. “Personal stories and experiences will be a focus of the exhibit, and we can’t wait to hear what people have to say.”

For more information about “Johnstown: Where We Work,” contact Andrew Lang, curator, at (814) 539-1889, or alang@jaha.org.