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University of California at San Francisco donates slides for our Wentzscope

University of California at San Francisco donates slides for our Wentzscope

Last August, a Wentzscope was installed in the Johnstown Children’s Museum, thanks to support from the Community Foundation for the Alleghenies. The Wentzscope is a sturdy, hands-on microscope that allows kids to explore the world of microscopy.

The Wentzscope came with a small collection of slides, and its rotating specimen wheel holds five specimens for visitors to examine. Marisa Tracey, director of children’s museum programming, changes the slides every month to keep the display fresh for return visitors.

Marisa found an announcement that the University of California at San Francisco’s Department of Anatomy planned to donate its large collection of glass microscope slides of primarily human tissues to educational institutions in the United States and Canada (the department is switching to virtual microscopy). She got in contact with Drs. Steven Rosen and Allan Basbaum, who agreed to send us some of their slides! Thanks to UCSF’s generosity, we now have 20 new slides for use in the Wentzscope to inspire the next generation of scientists. We are very grateful!

Be sure to check out some of the new slides next time you’re at the children’s museum.