Iron & Steel Materials

Information of interest to those researching steel and iron.

These items are not part of JAHA’s collections but are of use to researchers.

The rivers at Johnstown, Pennsylvania. Report to the Board of trade of the city of Johnstown by Croes, John James Robertson, 1834-1906

Mineral resources of Johnstown, Pennsylvania and vicinity by Phalen, William Clifton, 1877-; Martin, Lawrence, 1880-1955; Pennsylvania. Bureau of Topographic and Geologic Survey

Cambria Iron Company 1853 Incorporation

Bulletin of the American iron association by American iron and steel association. Published in 1857.

The iron manufacturer’s guide to the furnaces, forges and rolling mills of the United States, with discussions of iron as a chemical element, an American ore, and a manufactured article, in commerce and in history. By J.P. Lesley, secretary of the American Iron Association. With maps and plates, published 1859.

The Valley of Conemaugh. Published in 1865 by Thomas J. Chapman of Johnstown, this book gives an overview of the area’s history and includes a chapter on the Cambria Iron Works.

1869 Tax and Land 5 million in land

The Story of Johnstown by J.J. McLaurin. Published 1889.

Proceedings of the American Iron & Steel Association, and of the Convention of Iron and Steel Makers, held in Philadelphia, Feb. 4th and 5th, 1874.

Business Bids. This Feb. 10, 1875 article from the Knoxville Weekly Chronical details the bids for the Cincinnati Southern Railroad’s steel needs.

Topographical map of the coal and iron ore lands of the Cambria Iron Company adjacent to their iron & steel works, Johnstown, Pa. From 1876.

Cambria Iron Company. A booklet labeled “Centennial exhibition, 1876.”

The Bulletin of the American Iron and Steel Association, Volume 16, published Jan. 4, 1882 in Philadelphia.

 Forty-eighth Congress. (Second session.) Congressional directory, compiled for the use of Congress. Dated 1884.

The Bulletin of the American Iron and Steel Association, Volume 20, published January 6, 1886.

Cambria Iron Company catalog. A product catalog from 1886.

Henry Clay Frick letter: Dated June 13, 1889. Frick discusses ore rates, relations with railroad companies, coke production, internal business relations, and negotiations with Amalgamated, and references the Johnstown flood.

Andrew Carnegie letter: In this June 15, 1889 letter written from London, Andrew Carnegie discusses the May 31 flood, his European trip, rates of iron and coke, and labor negotiations.

Iron Steel and Allied Industries. An overview of the local mills and mines from 1890.

The Iron, Steel, and Allied Industries of Johnstown, Pa. for the information of visiting members of the foreign and American technical societies. Published in 1890.

Cambria Iron Company catalog, 1891. Rail fastenings, spice bars, bolts, nuts, patent joints. Includes product descriptions and diagrams.

History of the manufacture of iron in all ages, and particularly in the United States from colonial times to 1891. Also includes a short history of early coal mining in the United States. By James M. Swank, published 1892.

American Manufacture and Iron world, Iron and Steel. Dated 1894.

Steel and iron. Published 1895.

Early Iron Enterprises in Cambria, Somerset, Westmoreland, and Indiana Counties. Prepared by James M. Swank in 1900.

Iron and steel, iron ore, and coal statistics for the United States, Great Britain, Germany, France, and Belgium. By James M. Swank, 1902.

Wood Patterns. A 1906 document explaining how to make the wooden patterns used as molds in the mills.

Cambria County Pioneers. A collection of biographical sketches relating to the early history of Cambria County. By James Swank, published 1910.

My Story by Tom L. Johnson. Published in 1911. Johnson was an American industrialist, Georgist politician, and important figure of the Progressive Era and a pioneer in urban political and social reform. He was a U.S. Representative from 1891 to 1895 and Mayor of Cleveland for four terms from 1901 to 1909. In the 1880s and 90s he entered the steel business and built a mill in Johnstown.

Iron Age Directory. Published in 1911 by the David Williams Company of New York, this is a classified index of products of manufacturers who advertised in a publication called The Iron Age.

New York Times article about the Thomas Edison Benzol Plant in Johnstown. From Mar. 14, 1915.

Industrial directory of Pennsylvania. Published by the Commonwealth’s Department of Labor and Industry in 1919.

The Geography of Johnstown, Pennsylvania, An Industrial Center. Published in 1930 by Raymond E. Murphy of Penn State, this publication provides an overview of Johnstown’s climate, topography, soil, and mineral resources, as well as its industries, commercial development, residential neighborhoods, and more.

Violations of Speech and Labor Rights 1937. A record of the hearings before a subcommitee of the Committee of Education and Labor of the US Senate, involving the Johnstown Citizens’ Committee, Chamber of Commerce and others.

We Protest 1937. A flyer detailing the grievances o the Citizens’ Committee and the Steel Workers’ Committee.

Scrapbook : Price Control posters; clippings featuring steel industry and trade, strikes and lockouts. This digitized scrapbook includes clips about the US steel industry from 1942-1945.

Tour of Johnstown Lorain Works, Carnegie-Illinois Steel Corporation. This 1946 brochure includes a brief history of the plant and and overview of products made there.

Study of Alternatives: Cambria Iron Works. This 1987 document was prepared by the National Park Service and includes an overview history of the Cambria Iron Company, as well as alternatives to how to move forward: continue operation; establish Cambria Iron Works National Historic District managed by the Johnstown Flood Museum Association (forerunner to this organization), or with management by the NPS; or establish a national park. Includes a chronology, as well as photography by Jet Lowe.

Character of a Steel Mill City: Four Historic Neighborhoods of Johnstown, Pennsylvania by Wallace, Kim E. Published 1989. A survey of historically important structures in four neighborhoods: Johnstown, Downtown, Westmont, Cambria City/Minersville.

Gautier. A Historic American Engineering Record publication about the Cambria Iron Company, Gautier Works.

Iron Street House C.I.Co Minersville. A Historic American Engineering Record publication (1988) about an Cambria Iron Company house in Minersville.

Center for Metal Arts Anvil Restoration. A YouTube video showing the history and restoration of a historic anvil at Johnstown’s Center for Metal Arts.

The History of Iron and Steel Production Techniques. A 2018 blog entry from Superior Steel Fabrication, giving a brief overview of how iron and steel has been produced.