Special Projects: Forest Hills videos on 1977 flood

Student-produced YouTube videos about the flood

Under the direction of teacher Aspen Mock, Forest Hills school students produced these videos about the 1977 flood. JAHA is pleased to share their work, and applauds them for their creativity!

Capstone Project: this video explains the video project overall; the remaining videos are student work.

Flood Proof by Kirk Bearjar, Katelyn Beyer, Quinn Charney, Tyson Snyder & Connor Wysocki

Survivor of the 1977 Flood by Nevore Bertolasio, Nora Cabala, Ian Dobbins, Mikel Gray, Haley Myers, Matthew Wadsworth

Johnstown Underwater: The Story of the 1977 Johnstown Flood by Sarah Gavlak, Samantha Heilmann, Kailyn Jones, Matthew Rozum & Dylan Wechtenhiser

Roaring Tide: Story of the 1977 Johnstown Flood by Gaven Blough, Darius Dill, Raychel Gonos, Gabriel Nginyo, Dylan Holdworth & Madison Rebar

Turning the Tides: The Story of the 1977 Flood by Jackson Arrington, Erik Gibson, Bryce Killinger, Kara Lautenbaucher, Eva Spangler & Joshua Zaragoza

1977 Flood by Kaylee Johns, Peyton McGough, Jackson Rummel, Darren Shrift & Alexia Steele

How the Storm Changed Everything by Alexis Detwiler, Caleb Langham, Jessie Shaulis, Remingtyn Smith, and Maggie Steen