The Johnstown Flood Museum and Heritage Discovery Center/Johnstown Children’s Museum are open Tues.-Sat. from 10 am-5 pm, and Sun. noon-5 pm (no appointments required).  Please visit the children’s museum COVID protocols page for more information specific to that museum. All museum visitors and staff are required to practice social distancing, and the use of masks is strongly encouraged.  Welcome!

COVID Safety Details

Johnstown Children’s Museum is now open Tuesday-Sunday!

Opening the museum safely

Here at JAHA we are committed to providing our visitors with a clean, safe, fun environment; this is especially important in our children’s museum, which is a high touch zone. Before your visit, check out this list of what we’re doing to keep you safe and how you can help!

Plan your trip:

Tuesday-Saturday: 10:00 am-5:00pm,

Sunday: 12:00–5:00 pm

How we’re keeping you safe:

  • The Coal Mine and Slide is OPEN!
    • An air purifier in the center of the coal mine to removes aerosolized droplets.
    • The coal in the coal cart is replaced with a crash mat for easy cleaning
    • Hand sanitizer is available at the entrance of the coal mine. Please encourage your children to sanitize their hands before entering.
    • We have created a one family at a time system for the coal mine and slide using chit pieces
  • We are monitoring the health of our staff.
  • Hand sanitizer will be available throughout the museum.
  • There will be a limited number of high touch exhibit manipulatives (blocks, play food, etc.), but we are expanding the number of items available!
  • Look out for Morley! In our museum we have posted Morley Moments to let you know what precautions we are taking in different exhibit spaces.

How you can help keep our visitors and staff safe:

  • Please stay home if you are not feeling well.
  • All visitors over the age of 2 are required to wear masks.
  • Please comply with all posted signs and staff recommendations.
  • While you do not have to socially distance within your family, we are kindly asking that you remain a safe distance from other families.
  • Food may not be consumed in the museum. You may eat a lunch or snack in the courtyard.
  • Our water fountains are closed. You may bring your own water bottle or purchase one in our gift shop.
  • Even though our dress-up clothes have been removed for now, our fashion show is still open! Visitors are encouraged to bring their own dress up clothes to model!
  • Be patient with yourself, other visitors, and our staff as we adapt to these new norms – we’re all learning together!