Rent the Lights/Suggest Lighting Occasions

Suggest Lighting Colors or Rent the Lights

Suggesting lighting colors

The Johnstown Area Heritage Association’s programming goal is to be inclusive, meaningful, and fun. We light the bridge for major religious and secular holidays (such as Christmas, Easter, Yom Kippur, Hanukkah, Rosh Hashanah, Halloween, Valentine’s Day, Memorial Day, July 4, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Veterans’ Day, Thanksgiving, etc.). We also light for sports events such as the Olympics, Steelers evening games, or sometimes just the season of the year.

We light the bridge for nationwide observances, such as 9/11 and Election Day, as well as major physical and mental health awareness events. These include well-publicized events such as Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month, World AIDS Day, Domestic Violence Awareness, and Light it Blue for Autism. JAHA recognizes that there are literally hundreds of lesser-known health observances, and accommodates requests to light for these whenever possible. We will also light for local events being organized to benefit a charity or health-related cause.

Please use the form below to make sure we’re aware of the observance or community event that matters to you. When specifying colors, please note that the LED lights produce bright, clear jewel tones, nothing muted or pastel (for example: bright apple or ruby red rather than burgundy or brown; hot pink or candy pink, not baby pink).

Again, there is no fee for such lightings. But if you love the lights and are able, please consider making a small donation to our campaign to sustain and maintain them. Thank you!



Please understand that we cannot accept requests for most lightings to honor or memorialize a single individual except as rentals. Memorial lightings for local public figures (such as a first responder who dies in the line of duty, a community leader) are sometimes arranged at the time of that person’s passing.

As a matter of policy, the Johnstown Area Heritage Association does not accept lighting requests or rentals that have political overtones. We have not and will not light for things like:

  • A specific party’s election victory or partisan political rally (for elections, the bridge is red, white and blue.)
  • A political advocacy group or observance
  • The passage of a law or a Supreme Court decision

The bridge lights are intended to be a beacon of positivity, and we try to keep their focus close to home. So as a general rule, we avoid lighting for any type of natural or human-made disaster (including international political events).

We reserve the right to refuse any request or rental at our discretion.

Renting the lights

The lights are also available for rent for private events (some of which are held at Peoples Natural Gas Park) or commemorations. These can include but are not limited to:

  • Memorials
  • Birthdays
  • Weddings
  • Pregnancy gender reveals
  • Sports events
  • Wedding anniversaries
  • Corporate events
  • Class reunions

Multiple color combinations, animations, and effects are possible. The fee for this service is $100 per evening, with additional evenings for $50.

Requests and rentals should be made at least a week in advance, but a month in advance is preferred.

Get in touch

Please use the form below to inquire, including the following information:

For a community event or observance:

  • Details about the health observance or community event (when applicable, please include evidence that your observance or event is occurring — for a national observance, this could be a website with details; for a local event, this could include a calendar listing on social media, a flyer, etc.)
  • Preferred colors
  • Your preferred date(s)

For a rental:

  • Details about what the rental is for
  • Preferred colors
  • Your preferred date(s)

Please note that JAHA reserves the right to refuse rental requests as well as suggestions for community events/observances due to conflicts or any other reason at our discretion.