David McCullough endorses Johnstown Flood Museum project

David McCullough endorses Johnstown Flood Museum project

Posted: February 2, 2017 11:15 am

The Johnstown Area Heritage Association has gotten a significant boost to our $2.5 million campaign, “For The Future: A Campaign for the Johnstown Flood Museum,” with the endorsement of David McCullough, the Pulitzer Prize-winning author!

McCullough, who first rose to prominence in 1968 with the publication of The Johnstown Flood, has a long history of supporting JAHA’s work. He first publicly commented on the Johnstown Flood Museum in 1989, when he called the museum “among the best regional history museums in the country.” He was most recently in Johnstown in 2011 to receive a Heritage Preservation Award from JAHA. Naturally, JAHA staff and board members are delighted to receive his support once again.

“The Johnstown flood is a uniquely American story, and there’s no limit to what can be done to make the experience of the story vivid and memorable in a way that was never before possible,” McCullough says in a taped interview. “This is a worthy cause, this is a good cause.”

To view the video of McCullough’s endorsement, visit the For the Future page on this website.