National ad campaign filmed in Johnstown Train Station

National ad campaign filmed in Johnstown Train Station

Posted: October 11, 2023 11:45 am

The American retailer Anthropologie has filmed a new ad campaign in the Johnstown Train Station! The shoot was completed in September, showcasing the brand’s clothing, accessories, home decor, furniture and more.

How did they find us? Well, the creative director had come up with the concept, and someone on their creative team had a vague memory of studying a movie in film class that featured the train station (we think this had to have been Slap Shot). From there, they found us with a good old fashioned internet search! Studio32, a local photography studio located just down Walnut Street from the station, assisted with the shoot itself.

The train station has long been a popular spot for local photo shoots for weddings, senior photos and more — if this is of interest to you, contact Marisa Lehman, Director of Rentals & Sales, at 814-539-1889, ext. 312.

Check out this Anthropologie video!