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Performer Lineup

Here are the acts scheduled for the 2021 Slavic Fest!

We are delighted to present the 2021 talent!

Orkestar Pobeda

Orkestar Pobeda was 2003 by a group of friends with a passion for Eastern European folk music, particularly Tamburitzan style music. They will be the perfect band to wrap up our night on Saturday.


Orchestra Forte

Orchestra Forte will play Eastern European music, including Ukranian, Polka and Gypsy music. Forte will introduce new songs, execute old favorites with a fresh twist and of course play kolos & dance favorites to delight the crowd. They are a band that fully engages with the audience and delights them in a powerful way!

Bronco Toter

Johnstown’s own Bronco Toter will play a mix of Eastern European favorites. Bronco has a long history of performances with the Rhinelanders and has played throughout Pennsylvania.


GypsyStringz is known for entertaining the crowd with traditional Hungarian and Eastern European folk music! Don’t miss them!

Kolo Club "Marian"

Hailing from Steelton, PA. and founded in 1954, Kolo Club “Marian” is one of the oldest Croatian folklore ensembles in the United States.

The band’s repertoire covers vast regions of Slovakia, Moravia and the Czech Republic, as well as well-known international songs in their own arrangement. Their musicianship and many years of experience provide the audience with a high quality performance and a pleasurable listening experience.


Jack Tady and the Tady Bears

Jack Tady is a Polka Hall of Fame Member and he’s the Western PA Polka King! Tady is a polka composer, musician, teacher, drums, vocals, led the Russ-Slovenes, The Jack Lads, The Swingin’ Laddies, Jack Tady & his Tady Bears, WEDO polka show, Grammy winner, Polka Pals Man of the Year (2006), Polka Hall of Fame Lifetime Achievement Award (2000), and Polka Association of PA Man of the Year (1996).

Zadnja Stanica

Zadnja Stanica will be entertaining us with some outstanding Tamburitzan music.

Jim Vizzini

Jim Vizzini learned the accordion from his grandfather. He will perform on his specially engineered accordion that actually sounds like a full orchestra.

Jacob Czerak

Music is in Jacob Czerak’s blood. Both of his grandfathers played the accordion. He gets a thrill from performing on stage. Jacob performs regularly with the Johnstown area’s top polka bands. He has enjoyed jamming sessions with known polka bands and has performed with Jerry
Intihar, The Rhinelanders and Alex Meixner. Jacob has entertained senior residents at LaurelWood Care Center and has played with Train Stop 6.