Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I entered and cannot participate? There are no medical comps, rollovers, or registration transfers. Our event is non-profit and all uncommitted funds will be earmarked for the Johnstown Area Heritage Association and the Cambria County Conservation & Recreation Authority Friends of the Trails program.

Can someone else pick up my packet? Yes. They will need to provide your confirmation print out or a note signed by you giving them permission to pick up your packet for you.

Can I wear an MP3 player? Yes, but please do so as to not pose a safety risk to yourself or others.

Can I use a baby jogger/stroller? As of now, baby joggers/strollers can be used on the 5K course only as long as they are packable for transport on the school bus. However, please check back closer to the race date to make sure because a new trail extension of the course might preclude baby joggers/strollers from participating due to terrain. This course change won’t be decided until early Spring.

Can I expect continuous cellphone coverage? Most, but not all, of the half marathon course has cell coverage. If you are streaming music, do not be surprised when you are “forced” to listen to your footfalls at some points along the course!

Can I walk the course? Yes, but if you opt to walk the half marathon course, you must be prepared to self-support. Aid stations and traffic controls will remain in place to support a 15:00/mile. Anything slower than that will not be guaranteed course support. There will be a designated “Last Runner” for the half marathon who will inform the aid station volunteers that they can pack out. If you plan to walk, consider registering for the 12k or 5k race instead.

Can I be dropped off at the start area for my race? Runners who arrange a ride and can be dropped off without parking a car at any start area are free to do so. Make sure you have all your gear and are there in time for the timely 8:00 a.m. start!

What are good locations for cheering? As the course traverses many of the communities affected by the 1889 flood, cheering from along the course should be easy. Maple Ave., Washington St., Iron St., and the Finish Line at People’s Natural Gas Park are all good locations for cheering. Remember to make signs to cheer on your friends and family! Remember that traffic control is in place for the event may slow or delay your moving around in the areas of downtown Johnstown during the race.

If you have further questions, please email racedirector.potf@gmail.com.