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JAHA at Home: Virtual classroom debuts

JAHA at Home: Virtual classroom debuts

Posted: May 6, 2020 3:05 pm

JAHA is delighted to offer several at-home programs for students! These programs are designed to bring themes from the Johnstown Children’s Museum, Heritage Discovery Center, and Johnstown Flood Museum directly to kids virtually.

To inquire about one of these Virtual Classroom programs (with or without a JAHA facilitator), contact us at cm@jaha.org.

Programs for younger children


In this lesson, children get to explore neighborhoods and what belongs in them, as well as looking at the features that make Johnstown different from other neighborhoods.


  • Children will design their own building—a house, a business, a ‘station.’
  • Create a mixed media neighborhood.
  • Children will also receive an outdoor sensory scavenger hunt!

Healthy eating

In this lesson, children will explore “eating a rainbow” and why it’s important to eat a variety of fruits and vegetables.

  • Create a healthy plate of food to eat—younger children, with collage material; older children can create their own foods.
  • Create a healthy rainbow using food of different colors.
  • Create a carrot, pineapple, tomato, or eggplant using collage material and a handprint. Children will also receive a recipe for a rainbow dish!

Native plants

What makes a plant or animal “native?” Children will learn about how plants eat, explore what it means to be native, and think about different climates.

  • Craft: Preschool-K: Tissue paper flower collage;
  • Grades 1-3: Create a mixed media plant collage, diagramming different parts of a plant
  • Grades 4+: Create a newspaper pot.

Programs for older children

The Johnstown Flood

Learn about the history of the Johnstown Flood and why it was one of the most notable events of the nineteenth century through two lessons:

  • RECIPE FOR DISASTER: Students will explore the historical “ingredients” that made the Johnstown Flood a disaster and discuss ways to help prevent other damaging floods.
  • TELLING THE STORY: Students will explore the ways people told the story of the 1889 Flood, and compare it to how we report events today.

Johnstown and Immigration

Learn about the history of immigration to Johnstown through these two lessons:

    • PUSH AND PULL: Students will explore the different forces that lead them to leave one place and come to another, and the adjustments they made to the “New World.”
    • MAKING A LIVING: Making it in the New World was hard work! In this lesson, students will explore the types of work new immigrants performed, the challenges they faced, and the rights they fought for.

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