JAHA’s Annual Fund drive continues

JAHA’s Annual Fund drive continues

Posted: April 6, 2021 1:19 pm

In March 2020, the world shut down – including all JAHA facilities — because of the COVID pandemic. Our museums were closed for five months. Peoples Natural Gas Park never opened. Now, one year later, JAHA has survived the worst of the pandemic, but we need your help as we move toward complete resumption of our entire museum and special event programs.

JAHA has much to share with the Johnstown community. Before the pandemic hit, we had just installed a major exhibit upgrade – The Conemaugh Career Corner – in the Johnstown Children’s Museum. The hands-on exhibit allows young visitors to role play different jobs and features an amazing Wentzscope. An 8” rolling mill was refurbished and installed at the Heritage Discovery Center, as well as a new exhibition panel on the Great Migration. JAHA is planning to resume special events at Peoples Natural Gas Park, and the AmeriServ Flood City Music Festival is now tentatively scheduled for October 1-2 of this year.

Our capital fundraising efforts for building and exhibition upgrades at the Johnstown Flood Museum have continued, and we plan to begin construction this year. And we’re delighted to announce that our $92,000 campaign to replace the Heritage Discovery Center’s elevator, which we launched in the midst of the pandemic, is complete, and work is underway.

We are optimistic about our future, but we need your help. The pandemic has been a difficult time financially – JAHA’s income from admissions, rentals and sales has been dramatically reduced. And like all cultural organizations, JAHA relies on its community to makes ends meet.

That’s why we’re getting in touch once again to remind you about our Annual Fund drive. The Annual Fund is critical to JAHA’s success every year – but especially in 2021. Please consider a generous donation as we work to meet our annual fund goal — click on the button below, or mail a check marked “Annual Fund” to JAHA at PO Box 1889, Johnstown PA 15907.

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As always, we thank you for your support.