ᏓᏗᏬᏂᏏ (We Will Speak): Screening and Q&A

ᏓᏗᏬᏂᏏ (We Will Speak): Screening and Q&A

Date(s) - February 22, 2024
7:00 PM

Johnstown Flood Museum
304 Washington St
Johnstown, PA 15901

Michael McDermit and Jacob Koestler, who grew up in Johnstown, are bringing their latest, award-winning film to the Johnstown Flood Museum!

Since its premiere in March 2023, the 94-minute film ᏓᏗᏬᏂᏏ (We Will Speak) has screened at more than 30 film festivals in three countries. It tells the story of the fight to save the Cherokee language, which is deeply tied to Cherokee identity; yet generations of assimilation efforts by the U.S. government and anti-Indigenous stigmas have forced the Tri-Council of Cherokee tribes to declare a State of Emergency for the language in 2019. While there are 430,000 Cherokee citizens, fewer than an estimated 1,500 fluent speakers remain. Through intimate interviews, vérité footage of community gatherings, and extensive archival materials, the feature-length documentary follows various Cherokee community members as they continue the long fight to help save the language.

Director Michael McDermit and Cinematographer/Editor Jacob Koestler will be in attendance with Producer ᎨᎳᏗ/Keli Gonzales for a Q&A following the screening.

There are only 77 seats in the Johnstown Flood Museum theater — advance purchase of tickets is strongly encouraged.

ᏓᏗᏬᏂᏏ (We Will Speak): Teaser from Blurry Pictures on Vimeo.